KITS   Buy together and save -- your skin and money.

Pacific Ultimate Rejuvenation Skincare Kit
Everything you need to hit the reset button on aging and regain your youthful glow. Combine TMT with our serum and topical supplement for the most powerful anti-aging treatment every night of the week.
$ 560.00
Pacific Advanced Anti-Aging Skincare Kit
Get started with five of our best-selling, anti-aging essentials to cleanse, moisturize, and treat aging skin.
$ 370.00
Pacific Anti-Aging Essentials Skincare Kit
Cleanse, moisturize, and protect your skin everyday with these four essentials for aging skin.
$ 230.00
Pacific Moisture Skincare Duet
Get proven results with this powerful moisturizing combo. In an independent clinical trial, the duet increased facial hydration by 48.8% and decreased fine lines and wrinkles by 27.2%.
$ 230.00
Pacific Anti-Wrinkle Duet
It’s your 1-2 punch for fighting free radical damage. Combines the anti-wrinkle power of the serum with the anti-oxidant power of the supplement for maximum effectiveness.
$ 185.00
Pacific Desert Island Skincare Duet
If we had aging skin (which we do) and could only bring two Pacific Advanced Anti-Aging Treatments to a desert island, this is what we would bring.
$ 155.00