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The True Nature Botanicals Story

Our Story

Serious luxury. Superior results.
No toxins. Not ever. We sell direct to you
online so we can include the highest
percentages of the highest-impact
ingredients—but not at the highest price.

Setting a New Standard

We spare no expense when it comes to ingredients. In fact, industry insiders tell us we spend at least 5 times more on our ingredients than the leading luxury skincare and perfume brands. If red raspberry seed oil is an effective anti-aging ingredient or Moroccan Neroli makes a perfume smell unbelievable, we use as much of it as we need.

Setting a New Standard
Results, Not Toxins.

Results. Not Toxins.

We judge our products by the results they deliver AND the safety of the ingredients we use. It’s a much higher bar to reach, but we think you deserve it.

The Science of Skincare

Understanding the true nature of aging skin and addressing the causes at the source, at the cellular level, where transformation is possible.

The Science of Skincare
The Art of Perfumery

The Art of Perfumery

Capturing the true nature of scent
without synthetic fragrances, just an
abundance of luxurious, noble materials
– known to be the purest and most
precious in the world.


Meet Our Founder

Hillary Peterson is passionate about creating the most luxurious, most effective personal care products in the world. Scents that smell beautiful and anti-aging skincare that really works. She’s equally passionate about doing so without ever compromising your safety. As a thyroid cancer and melanoma survivor, this isn’t just's personal.


Meet Our Founder