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Pacific Exfoliating Moisture Mask

$ 90.00

Gives you back that youthful glow by exfoliating, conditioning and brightening your skin.

THE RESULT: Gives you back that youthful glow, transforming your skin from dull and blotchy to soft and supple.

IDEAL FOR: All skin types, including dry, aging, wrinkled, and blemish or acne prone skin.

1.7oz | 50ml

Pacific Exfoliating Moisture Mask
Press, Bloggers & Testimonials
Town & Country Magazine Pacific Exfoliating Moisture Mask

"Blackheads and clogged pores are taken care of in two to five minutes, thanks to lactic acid, and skin is plumped with avocado butter."

"Blackheads and clogged pores are taken care of in two to five minutes, thanks to lactic acid, and skin is plumped with avocado butter."

Style.com Pacific Exfoliating Moisture Mask

"This jasmine-scented gel formula, left on for two to five minutes depending on your skin's sensitivity, leaves the complexion smooth and hydrated not stripped or red."


Vogue Pacific Exfoliating Moisture Mask

"Certified Chic... The best new all-natural beauty brands."



No water. No fillers. No toxins. Industry insiders tell us we spend at least 5 times more on our ingredients than the leading luxury skincare and perfume brands.


When it comes to exfoliants, lactic acid is the only alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) we use. That’s because it’s an exfoliating, moisturizing powerhouse: it removes dead skin cells without irritating, has humectant and skin whitening properties, and increases production of natural ceramides to prevent moisture loss.

Lactic acid:

This alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) is an effective exfoliant that also has significant anti-aging benefits, such as stimulating production of natural ceramides and hyaluronic acid to prevent moisture loss. In addition to its humectant benefits, it also helps lighten skin by inhibiting melanin-triggering enzymes.

Avocado butter:

Rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, D, E, protein, pantothenic acid, and fatty acids, avocado butter is also replete with emollient properties that ensure your skinstays soft and pliable even after a deep exfoliation treatment.

Solanum tuberosum:

This potato tuber contains high amounts of catecholase, a potent skin-lightening enzyme.


Camellia sinensis (green & white tea)*, glycerin (vegetable glycerin)*, lactic acid, mangifera indica (mango) butter, persea gratissima (avocado)butter, solanum tuberosum (potato) flour, xanthan gum, tuberosa (tuberose) essential oil, trachelospermum jasminoides (star jasmine) essential oil, citrus aurantium (neroli) essential oil



No harmful ingredients: No glycolic acid which can irritate skin, no potential carcinogens used as skin lighteners like hydroquinone. No drying agents such as alcohol, no fragrances, no toxic preservatives.

Daily sun protection is advised.

Massage onto clean dry skin. Depending on skin type, leave on for 2-5 minutes (for sensitive skin, leave on for a shorter duration). Gently remove with a warm (not hot) wet washcloth. Use once or twice weekly in the evening. If irritation develops, discontinue use and consult a physician.